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Art World Global Services in Spain & Europe

Crisostomo Fine Art Services, is a company focus on international (France, Italy, Netherland, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, United States, Mexico, China, etc.) and national (Spain) combined transport for artworks (paintings and pictures, sculptures, antiques and delicated objects) offering a door to door global service.

Regarding arts business, we generate some added services as manufacturing, packaging customized building & selling and special boxes to transport the artworksstorage service and artworks safekeepingpaintings, sculptures, etc.; staging and installation for museums exhibitions, collections or commercials fairs,  artworks special insurances; and last but not least, our arts auctions buying and selling logistic management (home pickup and delivery transport) for paintings, sculptures, religious objects, antiques, valuable arts, etc. meet all we can do for you.

Arts National and International Transport

Artworks shipping services in the main Spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Valencia or Seville); and regular routes included, combined transport and art movement, antiques, paintings or sculptures to the main European cities (Paris, Nice, Milan, Turin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, etc.)

Arts Packaging Production & Selling,

Special and customized packagings production and building company to transport arts, paintings or large size sculptures. Metal boxes and wooden packaging selling to ship in a safety way the artworks, paintings or sculptures in Madrid, Barcelona and Spain.

Arts Safety Storage,

Services to transport, storage, guard and surveillance the artworks, paintings, sculptures, antiques and museums, private collections or galleries installations in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville or San Sebastian. Artists works and artworks storage in our facilities.

Art and Culture Exhibitions, Installation & Stage,

Our company is specialized in staging and installing all kind of art, cultural or commercials exhibitions in museums, collections, art showings, fairs or companies congresses in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, San Sebastian or Valencia. 

Arts, Sculptures & Paintings Insurances,

Artworks insurances policies management in collaboration with the best art insurances companies in Spain and Europe. Besides, we do insurance policy for art transport, exhibitions, museums and art galleries in Madrid, Barcelona. Seville, Malaga or Toledo. Artworks insurances in Spain. 

Art Auctions Acquisition Transport & Shipment,

Auctions houses exclusive service, focus on arts pickup and customer delivery for paintings, sculptures or any object acquired in the auction. Cultural goods exports permission management. Transport guaranteed everywhere of Europe.

Crisostomo Fine Arts Services,

Handling and Transportation Solutions Company Focus on Arts Business in Spain
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