Art Transport Company,

National & International Artworks Movement and Shipment

We, Crisostomo, are certified as one of the best shipment and transport companies for artworks, paintings, antiques and sculptures, from Spain, Europe, United States (USA), Asia… and international to the whole world.

Our activity is focuses on transporting in a secure and economical way any piece of art (antique, religious object, painting, sculpture or artwork) in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Nice, Marseilles, Milano, Turin, Porto, Lisbon, Munich, Brussels, etc.

We have a wide vans and trucks fleet adapted and equipped with pneumatic suspension, security fasteners, thermal isolation, cold equipment, trap door elevating, GPS localization, etc. to offer the best artworks, sculptures, paintings, antiques, valuable objects combined transport etc, in the main cities of Spain and Europe.

Therefore, we are able to generate a 100% global service focuses on the artworks handling, packaging,  movement and transportation to the main European Fairs; Art Basel, Artissima, Fiac, Frieze, Arco, etc. as well as art sea deliveries and air deliveries to the International Fairs; Art Basel  Miami, Frieze Art New York, Art Basel Hong Kong, etc.

Art combined transport in Spain and Europe,

We do combined transport routes for artworks -paintings, sculptures, antiques- pickup and delivery to Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Turin, Köln, San Sebastian, Amsterdam, Milan, Genoa, Nice, Cannes, Berlin or Munich.

Art shipment and transport to Museums and Relevant Collections,

We are specialized in transporting, shipping and movement of the arts (paintings, sculptures, antiques) belong to museums, fairs, exhibitions, galleries or collections in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Milan etc. in Spain and Europe.

Art sea, air and road shipment & transport,

We entirely manage sea, air and road shipment & transportation for any artworks in Spain, Europe, Asia, United States (USA), South American, Mexico, Arab Emirates, etc.

Art Transport in Spain and Europe

Paintings, sculptures, antiques movement & shipment by sea, air and road transport around the world.

Art Packagings Production and Sale

Customized boxes & packagings production, sale and rent company for sculptures, paintings, delicated objects, etc.

Art Warehouse and Management

Arts, sculptures or religious arts storage, safekeeping and management service for Museums, Collections and privates people.

Art Exhibitions Installation and Stage

Design, production, installation and stage company for exhibitions, showings, stands, commercials, art, cultural fairs.

Art Insurances

Transport, exhibition and storage insurance management for artworks, paintings, sculptures, antiques, etc. in Spain.

Art Auctions Logistic Management

Pickup & home delivery transport service for artworks -paintings, sculptures, etc.- in whole world.

Arts Combined Transport,

Shipment, Pickup and Delivery in Spain, Europe and the World
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